Thursday, August 5, 2010

Note to readers

Dear all,

Thanks for reading and supporting RacinePost. You make this all worth while. This is just a quick message to let you all know we're really here to serve you. Pete and I spend a lot of time chasing our own story ideas and covering things we believe will be interesting to you, but we're not at our most effective without feedback, tips and insights from the community. The more we hear from you, the better job we can do. Here's a few things we love getting from readers:

1. Story tips of all kinds. We're not just looking for gossipy, huge breaking news. We're looking for the interesting, even small, stories that make up our lives. I just posted something on our Facebook page about hundreds of dragonflies outside of my apartment. Another reader let us know about the Greater Kennel Club's dog show this weekend. If you find it interesting, chances are good we'll find it interesting.

2. Any and all business news. We'll take anything we can get about new businesses, promotions, awards, new products, accomplishments ... literally anything about Racine businesses. The more the better - nothing is too small.

3. Questions. Wonder about something? Send us a note and we'll track it down. Chances are good it'll lead to a great story.

4. Anything else you can imagine. The beauty of online news is we have unlimited space. If you're inspired, drop us a line!

You can reach us at: or (262) 864-1376. We look forward to hearing from you!

1 comment:

  1. Why haven't you done any reporting into the story of Mr Ricardo Martinez "camping out" at the Court House for Father's Rights? JT seems to be very biased and the comments are ALL by females. Rick needs some help from men who have the same problem!!!

    Do you have a different "spin" on this subject?