Sunday, May 30, 2010

JT steals another story

Once again the JT has stolen a story without credit. This time, they made the stolen goods their lead story in their Saturday paper.

Racine Uncovered, at, reported Thursday that Countryside Humane Society issued expired vaccinations to hundreds of pets since the beginning of the year. The site doggedly (sorry) followed up on the story and forced Countryside to release a press release on Friday. The JT apparently picked up the story from there. (We linked to Racine Uncovered on Friday.)

The JT's story gives the impression that it first reported the news when it's clear Racine Uncovered drove the story from the beginning (and continues to report on it). It's funny to read national concerns about blogs and websites stealing material from mainstream media. The reality, at least locally, is our daily newspaper steals stories from websites and passes them off as their own.