Thursday, July 22, 2010

Support Racine's indie media

Just wanted to take a minute and point out some great local websites that really starting to cover the city ...

Racine Uncovered - Really coming into its own as a popular place for crime news and comments. It's a daily read.

Real Debate Wisconsin - Fred Dooley's blog was arguably the first independent local news website in Racine. It's hard work keeping a website running day in and day out, but Fred's done it, and done it well, for years.

Free Racine - Denis Navratil is another local workhorse blogger. He's been raising tough local questions for years.

RaScene - This self-described "badly illustrated blog of all things Racine" is off to a great start. Let's hope they keep the illustrations coming.

JT Irregulars - Great local site that keeps going strong. I like the mix of topics the contributors post, and the link to the Post, which is nice. They also have a link to listen to the Racine Police scanner.

Racine News - Nice-looking site with lots of news.

Wisconsin Internet News - A local start-up that's figuring things out with a dedicated news staff.

To any of our readers, please support independent media in Racine. To the independent sites, thanks for taking on the work of writing about our community. It's work that's too important to leave in the hands of any one entity.


  1. Fred, my apologies. I wrote this late last night and knew I was leaving someone out. You're on the list now. Sorry.